21 May, 2011

"Long Time, No See..."

I am in LOVE with this Indian place in Norman, OK.  Taste of India.  In the 3 years that my husband and I have been stationed here in Oklahoma City, I believe we've dined there at least once a month, when he's not deployed.

The owner is always working the front and always has a kind smile and witty conversation.  No matter how long ago...or recent (which always makes us laugh) our last trip was he always says "Long time, no see..." when we walk in.  Last night when he said that, I chuckled a bit at the familiarity of it, but then nearly cried when I realized it was the LAST time we'd be dining there.  Having to tell him we were getting stationed in Ottawa was what I imagine it must be like to break up with someone (I've never done that, so I am not certain...).  I didn't cry but I felt like I had a lot of explaining to do when the look on his face turned solemn.  Indeed...we've shared many of our celebratory moments at this particular place.  The very first time we ate out in Oklahoma (this is a big deal to us...), when we OFFICIALLY found out that I was expecting our first child, and every time my husband comes back from a deployment we find ourselves crossing the threshold to this place for our first meal as a reunited couple.  It undoubtedly feels like home when we're eating there.

Tonight he had traditional Indian folk singing with drums playing in the background.  I prefer that much more to the other possibility sometimes heard...Bollywood dance music videos.  Not quite as peaceful to dine to for me, but it keeps the Sprout well distracted.  The atmosphere always feels like one of peace and family.  They are set up for large groups and also for small intimate dining experiences.  With a lunch buffet daily from 11am - 2:30pm there isn't a BAD time to eat at this place!  The food quality is excellent from open until close, which I feel explains why Taste of India always has a fair amount of people in it when we show up.

Table for Four

Lunch Buffet 11am-2:30 pm daily

We never take long to figure out what we want to eat.  Their menu is short, sweet and customary for Indian culture.  I always go for the lamb and my Mister always goes for Chicken.  The rest of the details we fill in as we go.  I purposely show up FAMISHED every time.  It is well worth the agony of waiting and the savor of filling my tummy up to the brim!

The Sprout has been with us everywhere we've been since I began this adventure of flogging, tonight was the first time he pointed and made his "More please?" sound for what we were eating....even though he hadn't tried any yet.  Our son is in LOVE with Indian food!  He began his love affair with our dinner appetizer...the Assortment Platter.

Vegetable Samosa, Alu Tikki, Chicken Pakora, Vegetable Pakora, Keema Samosa

Delightful Dipping Sauces & Condiments

The Sprout was REALLY sure he wanted some of the vegetable pakora RIGHT away.  My Mister & I could see this coming so as soon as everything came to the table we started forking it apart.  The food always comes out of the kitchen piping hot...just the way I love it!  I am particularly fond of their vegetable samosa.  I really fell in love with Indian food eating here.  The sauces all compliment everything so wonderfully.  To eat this food is an experience that is hard to verbalize.  For me, that is incredible to admit, but true.  Each bite of these fabulous starters tickled my senses and left me smiling.  It is amazing to me that this is a piece of my personality & tastes that I can see already coming out in my son; amazing and spectacular.  The Sprout spent the appetizer course double fisting pieces of vegetable pakora into his little gob...even though his mouth was already full.  What a character!

For my entree I ordered the Lamb Shahi Korma.  If you've heard me say it once, it will feel like the billionth time but...I ADORE korma.  I make it at home, I order it in...I order it to go...I don't care how I get it, but once in my mind I MUST have it.  Here, they put clove in their rice to give it a little extra "out of this world" factor.  Their gravy is always dead on with flavor and the perfect consistency.  The fat and acid balance is phenomenal.  The lamb is always succulent and tender, but never gamey.  I love that I can taste EVERY element when I am devouring this food.  The almond flavor...the raisins devilshly pop in my mouth one after another bringing a sweet tang and the saffron that comes in at the end with the korma spices to really push me over the edge of...well...rapture.

Lamb Shahi Korma

Clove Rice

Our meal wouldn't be complete without a basket of bread.  So moist and soft....it is never forgotten when placing the order.  Sometime we go garlic, but most times we keep it real with plain.  The order went in...Naan and Onion Kulcha...and it came out lookin' like this...

Naan on top, Onion Kulcha below.
My favorite thing to do with this Indian delight is rip off a hunk and dip it in my entree gravy.  It is the first thing I do every time.  It sets the tone for my mind and my belly....reminding me that I am about to partake of some seriously rich, aromatically beautiful food; food that NEVER disappoints.

I would MORE than recommend this establishment...I'd drag you there myself and eat with you.  Even if I had to come down from Ottawa to take you, I would.  To relive the food, the kindness & the experience of watching someone try Indian for the first time; it would be worth the trip.  I would HAVE to see the look on your face when you take your first morsel.  Remember that scene from "When Harry Met Sally"??  I know you do....I could guarantee you that you'd be repeating Sally's portrayal after ONE bite.  My heartfelt compliments and deepest love, as always, go to the chef (the unspoken of master in the kitchen you NEVER see...he's too busy creating masterpieces for your plate).  Owned and run by family...treated like it when you walk in the door, don't miss the Taste of India when you are in Oklahoma.  You'll be sorry you did...and so will I.  

     Taste of India on UrbanspoonTaste of India Norman, OK
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  1. I am sorry you have to leave it. I can tell you are very fond of the place. You have so many good memories there. Wishing you all the best on this next stage of your adventure.

    Congratulations on your SITS day : ) Your son is so cute!

  2. Happy SITS Day to you! Lovely blog you've got here.

  3. Congrats on your SITS Day! This sounds and looks like a lovely restaurant. Hopefully you'll find another resaurant as welcoming in Ottawa. It's supposed to be a great food city, so I have no doubt that you will! ; )

  4. It's hard when you have a favorite restaurant you like to go to (and I am also extremely fond of Indian food!).

    Hope you find something comparable where you go next :) And happy SITS day!

  5. Happy SITS day!!! You have a great blog :)

  6. Popping over from SITS . . . to see this delicious food. I want to thank your family for your service to our country.


  7. Hope you've had a good SITS day! This restaurant sounds amazing. As I was reading, it almost sounded like it could be a movie or book. I'm sorry you have to leave! At least you'll have great memories of the food. I've never had Indian food before, but the pictures look delicious.

  8. Saw you on SITS! Congrats on the blog :) This Indian food looks yummy. Thanks so much for sharing.

    My prayers and best wishes to you and your family while you protect and serve this country. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. Yum! You're making me want to try Indian food. I admit I'm less than adventurous in my food choices. I'm sorry you are moving so won't be able to eat at this great restaurant. Moving is so hard emotionally in my opinion. I hope you are able to find a great restaurant where you are moving.

  10. Stopping by from SITS!
    Feeling the sudden urge for Indian food. Your pictures are great! I can smell the curry...

  11. Well, the previous posters took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say how much your pics made me want to try indian food, how I can imagine how difficult it is to leave your favorite food places (I'm a very picky eater and regular at my favorite eateries), and how grateful I am to you and your fam for making the sacrifice for me and mine...a million thanks!! I found you through SITS as well and now I will come back to see what wonderful food you highlight next.

  12. Oh man! I want to go to this restaurant sooooo bad! Maybe I can look up some indian food in my neck of the world this week. I love Indian food! I'm a military wife too so I always have to look for new restaurants every time we move.

  13. Sorry I missed your special SITS spotlight. You have such a neat blog!

  14. I love good Indian! Thank goodness I convinced my husband to give it try because now he loves it too.

  15. Hello,
    Here via SITS. I loved the post you wrote about your son. How much it reflects my feelings for my kids. No matter how tired or frustrated we may be in the course of the day, the many blessings they bring into our lives are the beacons that drive us forward. Children are a true blessing of God. Wishing you the very best!
    P.S. I am also your newest follower!