27 August, 2011

Just the Rolls...Thanks....

I'm sure I am not the ONLY person on the planet that goes through obsessions.....ahem......food "phases" every once in a while.  A month ago it was sushi but, I never flogged about it because I was going to the nearest place I could get it; not the "best".  In affect, I was eating sushi from a chain restaurant.  We all know what I think about chains...moving on.  For whatever reason, the past couple weeks I have been mildly attracted to gobbling up large, unhealthy amounts of fried foods and dessert type stuffs.  This will most likely be evident should you ever happen to see my thighs or rear.

When we were living out of a hotel in June I drove down Hazeldean a number of times and saw a sign that said "buy a dozen egg rolls, get 6 free!"  First thing I thought was "Whoa!  Who would eat 18 egg rolls?!", but then I realized in less than 5 minutes...right...you guessed it, this lady right here; I'd eat that many.  It would take me a day or two, but I'd get the job done.  Hot or cold...I’m equal to the task.  I drove past that sign almost 10 times before I decided to find out whom the sign belonged to.  On the last day I ever saw it on the boulevard I meandered through the parking lot adjacent to it.  The only place that fit the description of the offerings was a place called "Eggroll Plus".  How fitting....

As you can see...the place is next to microscopic.  Like many other places in town this place is delivery and take out only...not dine in.  There are 5 chairs that line the walls inside, so people can sit while they wait, but that is only if they arrive early...and only if they pick their food up themselves.  When a place delivers in this town, most people pay whatever they have to in order to make it come to THEM rather than the other way 'round.

 I am not a dilly dallier; I called ahead and asked them if they still had the "buy 12 get 6 free" deal.  The man on the phone said no and they only offer that on their anniversary week.  Good information to have, but irrelevant.  Egg rolls are just over a loonie a piece....  They offer 2 different kinds of egg rolls.  Egg Roll Plus and Star Egg Roll.  The egg rolls that were in the promotion were the Star rolls.  Those were the ones I fell in love with.  My Sprout did as well; even my Mister couldn't deny they tasted great.  When I placed my order for 8 Star rolls he told me I could pick them up in 10 minutes.  No matter where I have lived, they always tell me the same thing...10 minutes.  It never ceases to amaze me that they beat their own estimation as well.  For 8 Star rolls...sure, that would be NO problem.  But when we'd order 40 bucks worth of Mandarin in Oklahoma City...10 minutes...and it WAS done in 10 or less every time.  That's good service!

Star Egg Rolls

They aren't the prettiest queens at the prom, but they sure taste great!  I've never seen an egg roll made open ended until I ate them in Canada.  I could care less about how they look, the TASTE is my main event...and these are WONDERFUL!  Nice and crispy, not overly oily like some can get and all the veggies still crunch and have a fresh crispness to them on the inside.  They come with sauce, but I never use it.  Less is more with these gems.  They are ugly as sin but OH so yummly to my tummy! 

These are something you can bring home when you're making Chinese for yourself.  I do it sometimes.  Make my main entree and pick up some egg rolls or spring rolls rather than make them.  When you don't have the time or energy it is a great alternative!  When they are as good as these ones, why not!?  If you want to have some of the best egg rolls you'll ever try, head over to Eggroll Plus.  They have a nice sized menu, but I'm sticking with the golden goose...the Star Egg Rolls!  Enjoy!

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