17 September, 2011

Confucius Say "No Rice For You!"

So I have been gravely ill for the past week...not cooking, not knowing what day it is...  You know what I'm talkin' about right?  Well...I decided I wanted to actually eat today, but I didn't wanna hang out somewhere when I wasn't sure what exactly was wrong with me in the first place.  I grabbed the list and looked to see where was closest to home that was "to eat" AND take out.  Thankfully, there was one just 10 minutes from home, Dragon Fortune Delight.

When I called in my order they asked the all important question "For pick up or delivery?"  I could barely understand the rest of the questions that he was asking me...in my head that normally leads to a very strange line of thinking but mostly culminates with the supposition that my food is going to be REALLY good, authentic Chinese.  Their menu isn't very large but it has a fair variety for the amout they offer.  We placed our order for a couple egg rolls and spring rolls, General's Chicken, pork fried rice, fried wonton and Curried Beef.  I then asked how long before we should pick it up, he said, "20 minutes."  With rush hour 5 o'clock traffic, the 10 minute drive was going to take about that long so we packed up the Sprout and headed on our way.

For not being an eat-in establishment they are a pretty hopping place.  I'm not sure if this is due to it having been a Friday evening or not, I imagine not.  They are most likely this busy every night.  I went inside, grabbed my GIANT brown sac, paid for my food while the cashier and I joked that we never knew how they always fit THAT much food into a small brown bag and I was out the door.  It smelled FABULOUS.  It is hard to smell that for 20 minutes and not eat any of it in the car...UNTIL you remember that if YOU start eating it, the 20 month old in the back seat will want to as well.  Then it would be mayhem of epic proportions in the truck.  Traffic was already lighter on the way back.

We brought the haul into the kitchen and started unpacking it all.  The first thing we noticed that I've never had happen before...no fortune cookies.  Not that this is a problem for ME persay, I can't even eat them.  But, I DO open the cookie and read the fortune...when I get one.  My world isn't going to end, but I always thought it was "part of the deal" when you order Chinese.  Especially of the "take-out" variety.  There was also no white rice.  Whenever I've ordered take-out and had an entree that was meant to be ON rice...it came WITH rice automatically.  Oh well??

Spring Rolls & Egg Rolls

There is no good picture you can take of these open ended egg rolls.  I know I have said that before, but I look at those and sometimes lose my appetite.  I have to remember how GREAT they taste and get past how they look.  These were vegetarian spring rolls and what TASTED like pork egg rolls.  They didn't actually identify the meat, but did specify that the spring rolls were vegetarian.  They both tasted great.  They weren't overly oiled up, though it was obvious they'd been fried.  Very well done.  They weren't as large as other egg rolls I have had in town, but the spring rolls WERE.  Those spring rolls were GINORMOUS!  The biggest I have had since I have been in town.  The veggies were nice and fresh inside as well.

I didn't take a picture of the fried wonton...I wasn't sure what that meant, so I ordered some.  They aren't worth mentioning more than that and I certainly didn't take a picture of them.  Blech!

Curried Beef

The curried beef was pretty good.  Now if ONLY it had come with some rice.  I won't lie, the veggies were pretty limp in this but the flavor was great for green curry.  I forgot how much I liked a green curry.  The pieces of beef were larger than what I was used to as well.  Nothin' wrong with that.  Quite frankly, on a night when you don't have to cook, most of the time you'll just be happy when your order was RIGHT.  It looks pretty shiny in that picture, but it wasn't overly greasy.  (That is just the track lighting in my kitchen.)  Would I order it again, sure.  But there were other things on their menu I'd like to try too, so I'll keep this one under my hat.

Pork Fried Rice

This pork fried rice went over pretty well in our house.  Large beautiful chunks of marinated pork, soft savory rice and green onion.  Simple and it tasted fabulous.  In point, it was some of the BEST pork fried rice I've ever had.  Our Sprout ate quite a bit of this and nearly a whole egg roll on his own.  I couldn't believe it.  But, the kid knows his food, what else can I say?  The only criticism I have for this is that there wasn't much OF it.  That's all.  The container was between a pint and a quart in size.  When we order Chinese, typically you choose between a pint or a quart of whatever you are ordering.  There was no choice here. 

All in all I can't criticize any of the food for taste on any front.  It all tasted wonderful.  Looks, well...for 40 bucks, what could I expect when my food was packed in tin, paper bags and styrofoam?  Aside from the fried rice, the portions were just right; not too much, not too little.  I'd most likely eat here again.  If you're in the mood for Chinese give Dragon Fortune Delight a call.  They have friendly service, good food and it is fast.  Hey, these guys even deliver!! 

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