25 November, 2011

Special Order....

I did something I haven't done in a while...I decided where I was going for dinner BEFORE lunch.  I wasn't in the mood to blow a huge wad of money on dinner and I didn't wanna spend hours dining tonight.  I was starving to boot....it makes for an impatient eater.  The Sprout was awake, the Mister was done with work; we went and picked him up and got to it.  Hintonburger...here we come....

 I drove right by it at first.  It is tucked away from the curb a bit down there on Wellington, I did a quick u-turn and we were there.  From the outside it reminded me of ice fishing shanties on lakes in Minnesota.  When you go in...that's about how warm it is too!  I didn't mind too terribly much, but it was noticeable.  I looked at their menu before I went because the dinner hour in Ottawa is kinda sketchy.  Some places you go, if you don't know what you want when you walk in you're in there for 1.5-2 hours minimum if you don't roll in until 5:30pm.  We arrived at 5 and they had half our order before we showed.  I called ahead to ask them if there was refined sugar in their chili sauce because I REALLY wanted a chili cheese burger and onion rings.  I was bummed when they told me there was in fact sugar in their chili sauce.  But....the more I probed the better my dinner became.  By the time my phone call was over the Sprout and I had pure unadulterated hamburger patties waiting for us down at Hintonburger...all we needed to do was show up.  Truly awesome!

When we walked in all I had to do was tell them my name and our food was started.  I picked my toppings for my Wellington burger....cheese, onion, banana peppers, lettuce and mustard.  We ordered a large side of onion rings to share, and I made sure the Sprout had mustard and onion on his Armstrong.  My Mister figured his out and we were on our way.  It was 5:05 and we were the only people in the place.

Not that there was much room to begin with...but with no competition we went for the booth.  Either way, I could get used to eating with no noise from the huge crowds that we've been experiencing at other eateries.  Of course other people starting filing in by 5:15 but it didn't really ever fill up.  A lot of phone orders were being taken and people were coming in to pick up their stuff and go.

 Our food was up and hot....for the moment.  It was so cold in there that the heat didn't last long on the food...but neither did the FOOD!  We said a prayer and dug right in.  The Sprout and I were both devouring the rings like there was no tomorrow.  They WERE fabulous.  My burger was pretty dang good, hand formed and all.  It was as good as if I had made it myself...and nothin' like McDonalds.  Thank goodness!  It was real meat, no fillers.  The bun was crisped a bit on the grill and soft on the inside, my lettuce was fresh and my banana peppers gave my mouth just the right amount of tingle.  I have to admit...a 6 oz. burger with fixin's and 1/3 of an order of onion rings was a bit much for me.  Next time I'll order an Armstrong.  At just 4 oz. that would probably help me be a little more comfortable after my gorge. 

Hintonburger isn't much to look at...outside or inside, and they don't pretend that they do either which is good.  But they DO have it where it counts, their FOOD.  Just honest, good food at a great price.  So...if you're in the mood for a great burger and onion rings...and stellar service when called to task, head to Hintonburger down in Parkdale.  Heck...hit 'em up on Friday and Saturday and they'll bring the food right to YA!  That's right...they have started delivery!  Give them a call for more details.  613-724-4676  And as always, lemme know how you like the food... 

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