13 August, 2012

One Of The Family

One of the things I haven't been shorted on since I have been in town is recommendations for places to score some awesome breakfast.  I find it funny, because its the most ignored and rushed meal of the day almost everywhere you go, even though it is the MOST important.  It is your fuel for the first half of the day...how far would your car get to work without fuel...??  Yeah...think about it people...  Sifting through some of the information I have been given is a little oasis of love down on Bank Street.  Ada's Diner...

I was going to be heading over to the Orleans side of town today for some light shopping, so...Bank Street wasn't a total crisis for breakfast today.  

Ada's doesn't look like much from the outside except very busy.  You can clearly see all the tables in the window are taken.  It becomes apparent throughout my visit that this is normal for Ada's.  I was in there for an hour and it took that long before tables started to free up.  I got one of the last tables there was when I walked in.  Because it was stacked wall to wall in there with people, I don't have photos of the interior.  I like to respect the privacy of other customers to eat in peace.  But, I did the next best thing...I started talking to them all.

Most of the people in there are regulars...and you can tell because Ada knows who they are, she knows what they want to drink and what they will want to order before they even open their mouth sometimes.  She remembers names and faces and she hands out hugs for FREE people!  Their business card says "Where you feel like one of the family." and I have to tell you...I did.

Ada herself walked up and greeted me with a menu, I knew what I wanted and I think she did too.  I asked her what she'd recommend..."Eggs Benedict."  How did she know???  I still don't know.  Although I knew I wouldn't have to wait long for my food, I decided to start gabbing with the people sitting next to me.  The tables and chairs are fairly close to one another in there...its hard not to feel like you should strike up a conversation with the person you are just about touching knees with.  It didn't bother me one bit...I love talking to people and it was a perfect opportunity to get the scoop on Ada's. The first couple I chatted up gave me the name of some places I should hit up for the flog...I already had most of them on my list.  While I was talking to this couple my food came....  It looked SO fabulous that I didn't have to wonder if I was going to enjoy it...I KNEW I would!

While I was eating a second couple came in and seated themselves right next to me where the previous couple had been.  In the beginning when I asked them if they ate at Ada's often and what other places would the recommend around town, I got most of the same answers about restaurants as I did from the previous couple.  But this couple also clued me in to Ada and her ability to recall names and faces...and even what they will want to order.  I watched and listened to her in action while I ate.  She was always busy...never stopping for a second.  Checking to make sure everyone was happy, washing a table here or refreshing some coffee there.  It really did seem like a huge family was eating breakfast in there.  Even over the typical noise from the kitchen you could hear smiles in the voices of people talking and enjoying their meals.  I am pretty sure I like Ada's...

I had heard a lot of things about Ada's before I went.  The food is a bit pricey, but it tastes good.  Well...property down on Bank Street probably isn't cheap and the last time I bought eggs that weren't organic or free range...they were about $3 a dozen.  Price wasn't an issue for me.  I had heard it was noisy...too noisy.  Listening to it for an hour I can honestly say, as a mother, it was a GOOD noise.  The kind of noise that speaks to productivity and that there are happy things going on in that place.  Everything negative I heard about Ada's was blown out of the water this morning.  The positive things I heard about the food were easily confirmed in my first bite.  I mean look at that yolk people!!

That's how you poach an egg....  I loved my experience at Ada's Diner and if I am ever that far east for breakfast I won't think twice about whose door I will be darkening for my meal.  Give Ada's a try some morning, I promise you it'll be a great day!   

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