08 February, 2013

Pranzo Incantevole

Mail day.  Something I don't typically look forward to but, these days I have been waiting and WAITING for clothes we ordered for the new baby, a swing and my new bread machine.  I knew I was heading downtown either way, but everyone flogs the downtown places.  I like to "spread the wealth" with my flog.  SO...I picked the Mister up from work and we lunched in Wellington West.

There were plenty of places for me to choose from on my "to eat" list, but having JUST had Thai for dinner the other night, surf and turf on Friday last....it felt like it was time for some good ol' fashioned Italian yumminess.  Enter Parma Ravioli!!

 I called ahead before I went because, even though a good friend recommended the place, all he said was "You GOTTA try the meatball sub!" and after going to their website...it appeared to be more of a store than an eatery.  But, I can assure you, this place is eat in as well as take out.  Then, another part of the reason I called ahead was to find out what their pastas were for the day.  They don't pick them until the morning of their service day.  But they serve them up nicely priced between 6.99-8.99 per entree.

Daily Specials Board


Case of Pizza, mmmm.....

                                  Sandwiches & Salads                          Yummy Desserts

We spent more time than usual trying to decide what to have because EVERYthing looked SO appetizing!  I knew I wanted meat and cheese for sure....  Their menu online tells you the usual offerings, but I wasn't in the mood for anything on that menu.  After weighing my likes and dislikes I went for the #3 on the pasta specials board.  The 4 cheese pasta agnolotti with sausage in Mediterranean sauce.  They advised me it was slightly spicy, so I asked for the basil rose sauce instead.  I can't be too careful these days, at 29 weeks and 2 days, even my prenatal vitamin gives me wicked heartburn!

We also decided we couldn't leave Parma without some of the MONSTER slices of pizza they had in the counter case or without trying one of the gorgeous dessert temptations.  Beautiful thick crusted pizza with generous toppings, we could just warm it up later for dinner.  But the dessert, we were "sharing" (everyone knows the pregnant woman wins in this scenario) after we finished our pasta.  After getting situated at a table, lunch was up and ready!

4 Cheese Pasta Agnolotti with Sausage & Basil Rose Sauce
& Garlic Bread
 The pasta didn't look like agnolotti to me, but when you're hungry...square or round doesn't make much of a difference!  It is all about flavor and texture.  The sauce was beautifully thick, rich and had a full bodied, robust tomato flavor ribboning through the background.  The ravioli were firm and the cheese blend was wonderful.  My Mister and I both LOVED the sausage.  The skin had a good snap, the seasoning was JUST the right amount of spice and the meat was smooth in texture.  The bread was bread...the seasoning on it, however, was perfect.  I didn't feel like I was going to have "garlic dragon breath" when I was finished.  Loved that!

I didn't finish my lunch because I was saving room for dessert!!

Caramelized Apple Cheesecake
Doesn't that just LOOK like it is bound to taste great?!  Well, it did!  I didn't make it too far into this beauty before I HAD to ask if they made this in house or if they ordered it in.  It was ordered in from a gentleman that used to work at Parma.  He has his own place now (I can guess WHY...he's awesome!) called Da Bombe down in New Edinburgh.

The cheesecake was silken perfection, the apple topping tasted just like my Momma's apple pie filling and the crumb and caramel drizzle were the perfect kiss to seal the deal on me saying this is one of my new favorite desserts in town.  I can't imagine how wonderful the other ones in the case are!  There were a number of different desserts in there like tiramisu and Irish Cream cheesecake to name a couple.

I didn't shoot pictures of the store portion of Parma but let me clue you in to what you can find when you shop there.  Top of the line oils, tins of tomatoes, fresh breads, fresh pastas, frozen pastas....get the picture?!  An Italian food lovers paradise!  For food, price, selection and getting it "my way" I would recommend you head down to Wellington West and check out Parma Ravioli at least once...  But I would bank on you going back time and again.  Buon appetito!!  

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