06 March, 2013

Oh, Suzy Q!!

As you can imagine, I belong to a lot of groups on Facebook.  I have found that a lot of people do these days.  Most of them I belong to are fan clubs of restaurants or "Moms" groups.  Who better to ask where to eat in town than another Momma??  NO one!

One afternoon a discussion broke out about donuts.  Yeah, that's right...donuts.  As in..."Tim Horton's sucks, where else can I get a donut...a GOOD donut?".  I am a donut fan...cake or raised, glazed or filled, I'm there.  Carp Bakery was mentioned and then a number of women came by to say that their HUSBANDS just rave about a place called Suzy Q's.  We all live pretty far from the downtown and outlying area, so for their husbands...from WAY out here to say they go all the way down to Suzy Q's, Suzy must be one BIG deal!

The parking lot was packed.  Apparently the lot didn't come with the building, so people who work at the nearby businesses usually eat up the spots in the morning.  Be prepared to park and walk a bit, but realize it is totally worth it.  Their menu is seasonal...in fact one of the donuts I heard so much about that brought me there, isn't available until camping season.  Their S'mores donut.  Bummer.  So, just be aware that what you see on their website is what is currently available.

I stared at the case for about 5 minutes, another customer came in and got her order and left before I was ready.  I knew I wanted to try a few of them and that my Mister and I don't share the same likes...ever.  So, after talking through what each one was, I went with half a dozen of what sounded like the best to me.

I have to tell you, I've never seen such specialized donuts in all of my life.  Not in person.  I'm not sure if this makes me sheltered or normal lol...  Either way, I couldn't wait to get these beauties home to start trying them!

Clockwise, bottom layer first: Cookies n Cream, Sugar Munkki, Bacon Maple & Wunderbar donuts
Top layer: Toasted Coconut Kaffir Lime & Boston Cream donuts
 As a lover of Thai food, you better believe the first one I layed into was the Toasted Coconut Kaffir Lime donut.  It was one of the best donuts I've ever had in my life!  I'm not sure if they infused the water/milk in the dough with the lime leaves or exactly how they did it, but that dough was SO lime filled I couldn't believe it.  There was NO mistaking what donut I was eating.  Sometimes, what someone tells you is in the donut isn't always detected.  NOT the case here.  I went for the Sugar Munkki next.  Such a light but fabulous caradmon flavor and then it was simply dusted in sugar.  The texture of these doughs are so light and fluffy it is easy to get carried away...and I did.  I am a total sucker for the peanut butter chocolate combo right now in my pregnancy so I decided, for the moment, the last one I would get into before I took a break was the Wunderbar donut.  OH.MY.GOODNESS!  It was perfect.  The saltiness of the peanut butter and the sweet of the chocolate, honestly it made me wish I wouldn't have second guessed the Salted Caramel donut I was going to get.  I'll bet that one would have been awesome as well.  

Suzy's really knows how to balance their flavors and offer donuts you won't find elsewhere.  C'mon...S'mores, Grasshopper, Cinnamon Toast...  Tell me you don't want to try 'emSuzy's donuts are great, obviously made with love and skill and the people there are so kind.  Head on down to Suzy's for some great donuts the next time you have a hankering.  It is a great little place in this big ol' city.

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