26 June, 2013

Somethin Wicked This Way Comes...

For 3 weeks now people have been mentioning to me that I "just have to" try the menu at this food truck in Stittsville called " 'Wiches Cauldron ".  It didn't help that folks kept telling me it was "Witches Cauldron" but, I'm a smart chickie...so, I figured out on my own that "wiches" was a play on sandwiches.  From there finding them was a snap!

I showed up to the truck a bit after the noon hour and there were customers waiting for their food and another in line to order.  Not bad for some of the food truck lines I have seen in my lifetime.  I heard that everything on the menu was great, so it didn't matter what I tried.  I was going to have some happy goin' on in my tummy.  The lady at the register (Chef' Craig's Momma) recommended the special for the day; grilled chicken, maple apples, caramelized onion, brie, red pepper cranberry jelly, roasted garlic mayo and greens.  A mouthful to say and quite the mouthful of a sandwich!!

When they handed me the box in the bag, I took it home like I was carrying a piece of 50 year old depression glass...so careful not to disturb the masterpiece inside.  I was pretty giddy as I went to open this parcel...like it was Christmas!

Sandwich special of the day w/ Chicken, bacon, corn chowder

O emmm gee!!  It smelled amazing and looked like something I would make myself if I wasn't constantly on Sweet Pea duty these days.  (Yeah, 6 week olds don't appreciate you eating...who knew!?)  It just looks hearty, juicy and filling.  Just what I needed on that dreary, rainy afternoon.

Seriously!  C'mon....look at that sandwich and try to tell me that you don't want to hop in the car and drive to Stittsville and devour one right now!  If you say that you don't want to try it, you're either lying or you're vegan...  Either way you're missing out on pure decadence in a box!  Every single bite had every sandwich component in it.  Never once did I not get some cheese or caramelized onion in my bite...  WICKED scrummly I tell you!  

Oh...did I mention that I only paid 7.50 for this awesome sandwich and the accompanying soup??  Yeah, just 7.50.  I am sure I don't need to tell anyone that you'll pay MORE than that for a sandwich at any big name fast food, processed blech of a lunching spot anywhere else in town.  You will.  

Feel free to scroll up to the picture again...I'll wait.

For awesome, locally grown eats prepared with tons of love you need to drive yourself over to Stittsville and have a nosh.  I promise, you'll be glad you went and this food truck will be one of your new faves in town!!   

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  1. I had the same special and soup. Soooo good. I'm picky about my corn chowder. The one I make at home is pretty awesome, but this one, although different in taste and texture, was equally as delicious.