30 October, 2013

Home Cookin' Away From Home

While we were in Palmyra, NY we were quite limited to food options outside of hotel breakfast being that I don't eat at chain restaurants.  Not that there were any of those in town either...

One good friend who has been to Palmyra a number of times clued me in to this little place down the road from the "main drag" of 21 called Yellow Mills Diner.

By the time we darkened the door step of this diner, it was about 8pm.  We still haven't mastered the fine art of "time management" when we travel with newborns.  We end up stopping for at least a half hour every time we stop to feed, change, and play with them.  The half hour more often than not turns into an hour...  This diner closes at 9pm so we didn't have much time to figure out what we wanted, order it, and get it into our tummies.  GO!  Right lol...

I went through their menu about 5 times front to back and always came back to the same thing.  Prime Rib.  I am a meat and potatoes gal from WAY back and I like my meat rare.  There is nothin' better than prime rib rare.  No, there isn't.  No.  You're wrong.  There isn't.

The meal came with dinner rolls, real mashed potatoes, real gravy, a side salad, and a cup of rib au jus.  I knew before I saw any of it that I wasn't going to be able to finish it, but I also knew I was going to try anyhow.  The order went in and in a flash...there were some lovely dinner rolls on the table with real butter.  Yay....I am not a fan of margarine.  In fact, if that's my only choice I eat whatever my food was dry...no spread whatsoever.  Margarine = plastic in my mind.  Yay for real butter!....moving on.

Dinner Rolls with Real Butter

I couldn't tell if these were homemade or store bought, and I didn't care.  They were soft, fresh, and just the right size.  What can I say??...they tasted like a good dinner roll and butter.  I think I ate two of them....one more than I honestly had room for.

In the latter end of roll #1 my side salad showed up to the table.

Side Salad with Caesar Dressing

This side salad looked pretty standard for what you get in any diner, but when you've been on the road all day and you're reduced to purse goodies (organic granola bars, organic fruit bars, or some other such equally preserved, not fresh something...) or gas station food (I'd rather starve...).  Not your finest fare...  I tore into this salad like it was my last meal.  Everything was fresh and crisp, sure...this wasn't the prettiest salad in the world but who cares?  It was all going to the same place.

I eventually pushed my salad off to the side when my main entree came to the table in all of its glory...

Prime Rib

The first thing that I tried was the mashed potatoes, I was hoping they were real mashed potatoes, and they were.  The gravy was somethin else!  It was so rich and had a great depth of flavor, I kind of wanted to ask if the sold it in jars...I'd have bought a vat of it to hoard in my basement for special occasions like...Wednesday or thunderstorms.  The prime rib was cooked just how I ordered, perfectly rare.  The au jus with this was just the icing on the cake.  I ate until I felt like I was going to explode...then I took a couple more bites.  It was about 5 minutes to nine...  It was time to pay our bill and press on to the hotel for the night.

I was glad I listened to my friend when she recommended this place.  I also wish that it hadn't been a Sunday morning the next day...we don't shop or eat out on Sundays.  If it had been any other morning I would have brought myself RIGHT back to the Yellow Mills Diner for breakfast.  The service was wonderful and weren't shy about having polite conversation.  I was glad to give them my business and I believe that you will be as well.  If you're ever in Palmyra, NY and lookin' for some great food at a fabulous price, stop in at the Yellow Mills Diner and have a plate of home away from home.

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