08 February, 2014

Worth the Drive

I get tips from friends every once in a while (not NEARLY often enough in my opinion!) of great establishments I simply must try.  I have the most fun with desserts, so when someone mentions a bakery...HELLOOOOO!  I'm going.  Way back in December a friend clued me into a fabulous hidden gem called Slater's Baking.

Now located in Arnprior in the Kenwood Centre, Slater's Baking has actually been an Ottawa area treat for nearly 100 years.  Their selection of goodies isn't too large, but you don't need to be when you've mastered what you do offer.

I was pretty sure I was going to get some of every variety of yumminess but I had to take it all in and think.  I was hip deep in the middle of Christmas baking and my house was already wall to wall junk food.  So, I got realistic real quick.  Which was hard to do because the prices were SO fabulous!

Seriously...after seeing the prices I was having a hard time resisting buying one of everything.  I knew I wanted a caramel pecan bar for sure and a package of the first thing I smelled when I walked in...the sticky buns.  She had a plate of several bars out for people to try...so you know I ended up leaving with all of the things I tried.  Well, I did.  I took my haul home...

Somewhere on my counter was a HUGE bag of dried bread crumbs as well.  I'm not sure how they didn't make it into the photo, but Christmas was coming and that means stuffing/dressing in our house.  It is the one thing I can count on the four year old eating for sure if it lands on his plate.  But, from the top of the photo and clockwise around the plate you have a package of sticky buns, two peanut butter cookies, a hint of orange brownie, a meat tourtiere, a lemon bar, and a caramel pecan bar.  I ate that whole caramel pecan bar and didn't share a single bite with the Mister.  Everything else I took pity on him with and gave him a bite or two.  Yes, I was feeling generous that Saturday.

I took a slab of the sticky buns and set it in my oven for a couple minutes to make it soft and ooey gooey again.  Fabulous!  You don't have to do that, but I did.  I love a straight out of the oven, warmed through sticky bun.

After 88 years of baking, I can tell you it is safe to say Slater's knows what they are doing, they do it very well, and they have a very faithful customer base.  While I stood inside talking with the owner's wife, people were constantly coming in and out mostly to pick up their order of a loaf or two of bread.  Before they left, they made sure to put in an order for another loaf for the following week.  Loyalty like that doesn't just come out of thin air.  If you believe in driving for a cause, head out to Slater's and give their fare a try.  I would personally recommend you not go on an empty stomach, you may end up regretting that.  I showed an amazing amount of restraint keeping my mitts off of the goodies until I could get home to take a proper photo of the desserts.  I barely made it.  Give yourself a treat and try out Slater's.  I promise there is something there that you will fall in love with.
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