22 March, 2014

My New Favorite!!

After my last disappointing experience out on the town for Indian food, I had been waiting for the opportunity to take our double date friends out to a place that *I* chose.  I got the recommendation from a friend who really knows her stuff, cooks Indian food in her own home, and...she's Indian.  I told her about my experience at Taj Indian Cuisine in October and she wasn't surprised that I was dissatisfied with my meal as a whole.  She relayed an experience she had at Taj when she was pregnant and they served her 3 day old lentils.  Blech...  She assured me that Little India Cafe had the best Indian food in town and that their technique really puts the accent on "Namaste".  I had to try them....  It just was going to take me 5 months to find the time to do it!

I heard that this place fills up quickly, no matter the night of the week.  I took the advice seriously and called ahead for a reservation.  I spoke with the manager and took the opportunity to ask permission to take photos inside.  He was very accommodating, even letting me know I could feel free to photograph HIM.  Quite the juxtaposition from how I was treated about photos at "the other place".  I told him that too, and in true humble fashion he wouldn't hear a bad word spoken about Taj because they "are like our family".  What a guy!  For a Wednesday night, the place was packed, so I just didn't want to make any customers nervous while they were eating and decided to skip photos of the inside of the restaurant and just focus on my own food. 

Our DDD partners in crime were there before we were and knew what they wanted, so that made it even quicker.  I did some foot work for myself on Little India's menu while I was on the phone with the manager.  I asked him what his best dishes were, and just like every other owner/manager, he told me they ALL were.  I chuckled a bit and he got a little more specific.  People really enjoy their Bhunas, Butter Chicken, and their Do Piazas.  I knew I couldn't handle any green pepper or red onion these days (long story) so I was going to be steering clear on the Bhuna and Do Piazas.  Butter Chicken is something I make at home regularly...I was in the mood for lamb anyhow.  Lamb is my favorite meat to enjoy with Indian flavors.  I knew as I scanned down the lamb menu and my eyes connected with the Lamb Curry that my search was over for my main entree.  I love a good veggie samosa and a loverly crisp veggie pakora...and I just can't go to an Indian restaurant without eating some fabulous naan.  So...the order went in at record speed for our whole table of four.  My Mister and I ordered Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Pakora, Garlic Naan, Lamb Curry for my entree, and Chicken Bhuna for my Mister.

We weren't talking for very long before the pakora and the samosa hit the table.  There was ONE table open when we came in, 3 minutes after we were seated it was taken.  A full house...and our appetizers were on our table in less than 10 minutes.  I was impressed.

Vegetable Pakora
Vegetable Samosa

 I was famished so I dove into the food with no delicacy about it.  I grabbed a pakora and ripped it in half.  Perfectly crisp, wonderfully warm, and on first bite it had JUST the right level of spice in the batter.  I could have kissed the chef.  I offered pakora to our friends almost forcefully...I was SUPER sure they had to try some.  They loved them of course.  My Mister and I split a samosa in half and I nervously took a tiny bite...hoping to get the right level of spice in the filling.  Yes!  It was ALL there....I am not lying to you when I tell you I am never going somewhere else for Indian food as long as we are living in this city.  There is no point once you've found perfection.  No point at all.  The potatoes were cooked perfectly and the peas were still firm like I prefer them.  I wished right then and there that my stomach was all of the sudden a bottomless pit like my Mister's is.  Of course that didn't happen and I couldn't dwell on that for too long because our main entrees were on the table!  Wow!  

I should mention...our water glasses were never empty for long, our food came quickly, and the quality of the food was top notch.  I'd read complaints of their service (but never the food!) but, I am guessing they took it as constructive criticism and improved themselves because there were NO gaps in service at our table and our waitress had NO idea I was a food blogger.  I didn't tell her, I just left my card on the bill plate before I walked out the door.  

I want to inject another "aside" into the convo about Little India...when directly compared to other Indian places we've eaten in town their lighting was MUCH better.  As you can probably tell in the pictures.  Better than Host India and better than Taj Indian Cuisine, hands down.  I could see my food, I could see our friends, and I could see across the room without straining my eyes.

 Back to the food...  

Lamb Curry
Garlic Naan

The lamb in my curry was SO succulent, it fell apart in my mouth.  The curry was spiced just right at medium heat and it was just the right thickness for making a spoon out of my naan!  I ate the WHOLE bowl of lamb curry and most of the garlic naan all on my own.  

We left filled, satisfied, and impressed with our experience.  We of course will be back to Little India as often as I can manage to get there while we are in the middle of packing up our house and I am taking care of two children all day.  I think between now and the end of April I can manage it at least 3 more times.  I'm going to try!!

If you want fabulous Indian food without risking disappointment, head to Little India Cafe and order yourself up a feast.  Tell them I sent you!  Heck...I may join you!  Any reason to eat here again is a good one for me.

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  1. These pictures that were taken are amazing!! Thank you very much for the sweet article and review! Glad you enjoyed everything. Makes us much happier to see another one of our customers enjoy our food and services also to notice the effort that was taken to prepare the food!
    Thank you very much! Hope to see you soon :)

    - Manager & Family