04 June, 2012

Tomorrow Is Here!

A while back I let you all know that I unfortunately would have to have a repeat of my brain surgery due to a large collection of CS fluid in the back of my head, this was a complication of the recovery.  Luckily this news came BEFORE the end of the 3 month mark of my recovery.  It would have been mental hell to find that out AFTER I believed myself to be well.  I was surprised to begin with that the fluid was even there in that high of an amount because I was feeling so much better than the previous month.  But, nothing in this life surprises me anymore.

I won't be feel up to much flogging in the months to follow, so don't hold your breath waiting.  I AM going to resume posting, never fear.  I have been told this recovery will be 2-4 months; I pray that after that, it will be the end of brain surgeries and end of recoveries. 

Thank you all so much for your support and for following my flog, I appreciate your readership and PATIENCE so much!  :0)


  1. Holy cow! Best of luck and we'll be thinking of you!

  2. Thanks Andrea! Everything went VERY well. I feel awesome, in fact I made a double batch of homemade "buttermilk" biscuits yesterday for the Sprout!