18 January, 2013

τρόφιμα άνεσης

I had some errands to run today so I decided to combine my chores with a built in break...food!

This coming Monday we're about to hit the home stretch with this pregnancy; 3rd trimester!!  I have been feeling every second of it, but more than physical changes...I have a NON-STOP appetite.  I feel like I could eat a whale nearly every moment of my day.  Here she is in all her glory....waving for the camera!

I took a glance at my "to eat" list and figured out where I was going to go based on my errands.  Barrhaven...surprisingly enough, I haven't gotten a whole lot of restaurant recommendations for that suburb.  When this happens, I do some hunting and pecking of my own eventuallyBut not today.  This trip, I had a destination.  A little place called Pinelopi's Greek Kitchen.

I was in the mood for something filling, but I didn't want to overdo it on the oil factor.  Sometimes when I get over hungry I end up getting really fatty foods, bad idea.  When I glanced at their menu I was very pleased to see that all of the wraps came with your choice of soup, Greek salad or home fries.  A wrap and a salad sounded fabulous...  I asked the host what their most popular or signature lunch dishes were and he went straight for the Lamburger Wrap.  To be honest I was eyeing that up in the first place.  So the order went in, Lamburger Wrap with Greek salad. 

It wasn't too busy in there at 1:30 in the afternoon but it is a smaller sized establishment so I had to wait for some tables to clear out before I could take some indoor shots.


It was a bit of a wait for my lunch, but I ordered it with changes to the wrap and salad.  No tomato, no onion in either the wrap or the sandwich.  Lol...I'm 27 weeks on the 22nd, I'm not taking any chances with heartburn!  I wanted to be able to eat lunch without burning alive from the inside out...  Oh!  Here it comes!

Lamburger Wrap with Greek Salad
When you hear "burger" you might think, "But hey, that's heavy."  Lamb really isn't a heavy meat (not to me...liver, duck...now those are heavy meats!) and with the herbs that were in this burger, it really had an air of freshness that you don't generally find in ground red meats.  It was SO moist and tender!  Everything about this wrap was a home run.  The tzatziki sauce was divine and the pita was so soft...  I would order this every time I went, but...lol...I should probably try other things on the menu considering how wonderful THIS was.  The salad was alright as salads go.  I missed the bite of a bit of spicy but other than that it was good.

One of the other things the host recommended was the Mini Souvlaki.  I think I'll have to try that the next time I go.  Shortly before I left, two things happened.  I had a lovely conversation with Penny, the owner of the establishment and the host pointed out the HUGE trophy on the corner of the counter at the bar.  It was from Taste of Barrhaven and Pinelopi's had been named People's Choice Winner of 2012 for "Best Food in Barrhaven/Manotick".  I believe it...

Bottom line, sure the place has mixed reviews...but not everyone knows something about food.  I had gotten enough recommendations from people that I know are well versed in food that I was willing to try Pinelopi's.  Ya'll know I don't pull punches, if food isn't up to snuff, I tell you.  This was great food and contrary to some comments I've heard, it is NOT expensive.  My lunch was only 12 bucks!  Even at some of your more popular fast food places, you can spend that much on lunch for one.  So, I imagine those comments come from people who regularly eat off the "value menu" at said fast food places.  As such, I also imagine they won't exactly have a discerning palate.  Give Pinelopi's a try, you'll be glad you did!

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