25 January, 2013

Quality, Value and YUM!!

I was recently told about a place out in Carp simply named "Carp Bakery".  I wanted to go there last Saturday morning but the Mister didn't understand the concept of driving "all the way" to Carp for a donut when Tim Horton's is "just over there".  Ha!   To be honest, I HAD been informed once that no one dares to try to compete with Tim's, therefore...if I was after a donut, I shouldn't waste my time looking around; just go to Tim's.  What a bummer....  Glad that those people were wrong!!

It just LOOKS that small on the outside..I didn't shoot inside because there were other customers and bakeries in the morning...c'mon...lol...  Busy, busy, busy.  There are 5 or 6 tables inside, 4 chairs each, for people to sit and enjoy their goodies with a cup of coffee.  They have everything in there!  Breads, donuts, fritters, sausage rolls, beef rolls, cookies...  There were even cute little tartlets.  I knew when I walked in that I was lookin' for donuts, so I tried to stick to the planI usually fail at that...  Today, I only had a small "fail"...I grabbed an apple fritter with the donuts.

I devoured the plain chocolate donut first...  It was SO soft and LIGHT.  My goodnessWhen I held it in my hand and pressed, it didn't smash.  That's a great sign!  When there is still spring in the dough it shows that they didn't overload the dough with sugar.  The glaze was perfect on the sweet front as well.  There are definitely times when I've had a donut and could feel the sugar coma setting in after just a couple bites.  My experience with the donut from Carp Bakery was simply bliss!  I can't wait to try the others!  That apple fritter has my name on it!

Something else I wanted make a point to mention was the cost...  For those 6 lovelies you see there...$3.75!!  Ha!  Beat that Tim's!  They can't....  It usually costs over 4 or 5 bucks to get a half dozen donuts from them...that's just the donuts.  Fritters are extra.  So...not only do you get better QUALITY donuts you get a better bang for your buck at Carp Bakery.  You have just got to go try some of their goodies; it is well worth the drive!!

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