25 February, 2011

Breakfast Anyone??

You know that feelin'?  You wake up...you're tired...you're STARVING, but you just don't have the ambition to cook?  Guh....yeah.  I am becoming more and more familiar with the feeling now that I am a momma.  

I woke up this mornin' with a hankering for something....warm for breakfast.  YEAH!  Real food, that's the ticket!  Living out of a cereal box gets old, but it soon becomes the standard when you are "on the road".  

There are two "best of" restaurant lists for Montgomery, AL.  I always start with lists like these and then work my magic with the local folk based on what the lists say.  Sometimes, people from where you are don't agree with the suggestions of weary travelers that post on places like Urban Spoon.  But you can SURE bet they'll tell you some of the best kept secrets they keep in the forefront of THEIR minds when they are gonna drop the coin to go out for food in their own neck of the woods.  

Which brings us to my breakfast...  

Down in the historic section of downtown Montgomery there is a plethora of places listed on the "best of" list, but you'll be hard pressed to find any of those that serve breakfast, which surprised me.  It seems like more and more places are skipping breakfast and even LUNCH and only open their doors for dinner.  What the HECK!?  Well, thank the Lord for places like Farmer's Market Cafe....

I sauntered on in with my Wubby in toe at the crack of 10 am.  My very first question to the ladies inside was "Are you still serving breakfast?"...I'm sure they could see the desperation on my face.  "Oh, yes ma'am, we sure are."  Man, was I glad to hear that.  My hypoglycemia was kickin' in and I had a MEAN appetite.  Lucky for me Farmers Market Cafe has breakfast from 5-11am.  Longer than all your chain establishments! 

A gentleman helped us get the Wubby into his highchair and our waitress was front and center at the table in a flash...complete with a menu and a big smile.  

The breakfast crowd at 10am 

Their breakfast menu is short and sweet...and really...c'mon, there are only so many things people want for breakfast in the morning right?  Right.  I scanned my way through the menu.  Anyone knows me knows I can't have refined sugar, so my options are pretty limited.  But...WHAT LUCK...they had French Toast!!  Yay!  My FAVORITE warm breakfast food!  

I had 2 options for French Toast.  There was French Toast and French Toast w/meat.  A menu my Mister could appreciate.  I have SUCH a problem with making food decisions without asking a BILLION questions.  That wasn't necessary here.  I asked her what the meat choices were and she rattled them off in a flash...  Sausage links, sausage patties, bacon and 2 different varieties of ham.  All I heard when she said that though was "Sugar, sugar, sugar and sugar."  So I asked her if both varieties of ham were sugar cured.  She went to find out.  Ah ha!  I was in the clear, one of the hams was straight up, no frills HAM.  Awesome!  I added a scrambled egg on the side to share with the Wubster.

French Toast w/meat; scrambled egg on the side

I gotta tell ya, it was JUST the right size portions of everything and it was all really great.  The french toast was beautifully thick and rich with the egg batter.  Seasoned just right, fried perfectly...no uncooked egg to be found on any of my toast halves.  All wonderful signs for a french toast platter.  The ham was nice and juicy with undertones of having been smoked.  I ate my food at MACH speed.  It can really ruin your day when you do that, but my stomach and I were having a private love affair with this breakfast that wouldn't be interrupted by proper decorum.

Of course, after finishing my delightful breakfast, my mind wandered to the white board of lunch eats that I saw when I walked in.  I didn't see a single item that I didn't want to try...

They offer a different line up for main dish choices and give you tons of side options to pair them with.  As I was paying my bill the lady offered me this weeks and next weeks menus.

On my way out I happened upon the owner who was in the front working the lunch line.  A perfectly sweet woman that seemed pleased I enjoyed my breakfast.  The sign of a TRUE owner.  When the customer walks away happy and full, a dedicated owner can joyfully be on their feet a couple hours longer that day knowing they are justified in their hard work right along with their staff.  There is just something to me about someone that isn't just "business" about their restaurants.  Serving your food yourself, making your own recipes its the stuff great restaurants are made of. 

I will definitely visit Farmers again.  I hope when you are in Montgomery, you will too.  Warm, filling food and kind hearts are waiting for you there!

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