25 February, 2011

Rings n 'Stard

Lunch time was fast approaching...or so my stomach would have had me believe.  It was 2 pm...yeah...a good nosh was WAY overdue.

Another place on the top 10 for Montgomery was Sinclair's.  With 3 locations in the area I was ready to pick the one closest to me of course, but this nomination was specifically for the Sinclair's in Cloverdale, near  Huntingdon College.  Just my luck, the Cloverdale (on Fairview Avenue) locale was nearest to Maxwell.  Yay me!

I wasn't in the mood for a huge ordeal.  I just wanted to get in with my Wubby, get some food...GOOD food and go home for a nap.  When we walked in a fellow greeted us at the door and went to work getting a high chair and getting us settled.  They could read my mind...great.  Booth seating....my favorite!  I feel like I am getting old...the older I get, the less I want to fidget around on an uncomfortable chair while I eat.  It was really sophisticated looking on the inside and they had patio seating as well for people who wanted to brave the Alabama heat and sun.

When you walk in Sinclair's

The view from my table

Patio seating out front

When my waitress came with the menu and my water I asked her what Sinclair's is popular for.  She said "Quite honestly, our salads."  I just wasn't in the mood for that.  Salad's are SO hit or miss for me and I am NOT a fan of iceberg lettuce which seems to find its way into EVERY salad.  Its the "McDonalds" of lettuce I tell you!  I always go for salads with spinach, green leaf or romaine lettuce.  Nice, green...healthy...  I wasn't in the mood to NOT like what I ordered.  I asked her about the sandwiches...which ones were "Sinclair's favorites" for the customers.  Beef on a Bun....The Club....but I had already started reading the description of the Goat Hill Hero.  "Mortadella, Genoa salami, ham, olive spread, Provolone cheese, lettuce & tomato on toasted French bread"   I knew I was getting it when I got to "olive spread".  I'm a TOTAL sucker for a good olive tapenade.  It came with a kosher dill spear...yummo!...and my choice of onion rings or fries.  Get this...I could get either one or half and half of each.  Cool.  But, I am all about the rings because if I can't finish them...blech...leftover french fries, no way.  It doesn't matter where I get them, I don't ever seem to like left over french fries.

Goat Hill Hero

With my mustard on the side (that ketchup came with the platter) for the rings...I was ready to DIG IN.  Hand to God...its one of the best heros I've ever had.  Of course, that feeling probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am eating the leftover half as I type.  I can EASILY see this becoming a secret addiction for me...and like those people that eat at Subway EVERY day and get the SAME sub made the same EXACT way; I'd order this masterpiece up all over again, "I'll have a Goat Hill, no tomato; with rings and mustard on the side please."  No hesitation.  

Here's the kicker...

Anyone else bite into onion rings, pull what you didn't bite on away from your face and BIGGITY BAM...you have ALL of the rest of that rings guts on your chin??  Happened to me many, MANY times in my life.  Depending on whom was accompanying me, I would pass on the rings even though I wanted them in order to save myself the embarrassment of the "onion chin" debacle.  So the moment of truth had arrived.  Nothin' could deconstruct the beauty that was my sandwich, but these rings were about to make or break Sinclair's for me.  I bit into my first ring....BEAUTIOUS....when I pulled the remaining ring away from my face, I wasn't wearing it on my chin.  Then came the taste portion of the rings.  SCORE!  Black pepper in the batter.  Noice!  They were "finger lickin'" rings!  I finished those and took the other half of my Goat Hill to go.

On my way out the door I asked the folks on the patio if it was okay for me to shoot a picture and post it on the internet if they were going to be in it.  They all didn't care at all.  While I was at it, I thought I might as well ask what they get when they come.  They had the look of regulars.  I'll explain the look some other time.  But...they all said the name of one salad or another.  Color me surprised.  I suppose I'll be taking another trip to Sinclair's to check out the Chicken Caesar and the Capri.  

Sinclair's was a nice time out for my day.  Good food, made fast...and fresh.  Worth every penny and worth a second trip.  Go get you some Sinclair's!

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