15 February, 2011

Not Feelin' the Love.....

SO...I'm walking through the Whole Foods Market the other day (this is normal...don't be alarmed...) looking for some tasty organic morsels for me to enjoy during my Valentine celebration. I'd already scored some awesomely tasty treats for my Mister at Harry & David's on Thursday...so now I was on the hunt for ME.

There I am...trolling through the maze of disgustingly healthy food, in search of the bulk food aisle so I can nosh on some Sunspire Peanut Sundrops if they had them....DENIED. This WFM didn't have them. I made my way towards the deli, smelling the pizza cooking on the way over. I KNEW I'd find somethin' great over there.....I just didn't know what.

I rounded the corner comin' out of the cereal aisle and see it...the display of candy near the sushi counter. Odd placing, but who cares cause I see TRUFFLES! I walked a bit faster at the thought of that smooth, rich....devilshly, chocolatey confection mooshing around in my gob.  My choices were caramel or cookie crumble. I quickly glanced at the ingredients...organically sweetened all the way....SCORE! In a fit of slight insanity I picked the cookie crumble flavor. I kinda scoffed at the thought that they would try to make a caramel flavored truffle rather than make a truffle and drizzle caramel ON it (Now..that's somethin' to write home about!).  I neatly placed the caramel truffle box back on the display, tossed a box of the cookie crumble flavor into my cart and happily trounced my way to the check-out line.  I had to get back before the Mister noticed I had actually shopped ALL.FLIPPIN'.DAY.

The big day is HERE! Valentine's Day. For DAYS I'm talking about these truffles...how I can't WAIT to rip into the box.  Admiring my own restraint, even kinda patting myself on the back for my patience (of which I have NONE...). The big moment comes...my Mister is back from class....the son is up from his nap....its TIME to dig in.  The "exchange" of gifts and cards takes place.  I hand him his stuff....and I TEAR into mine.  He's off to the loo when I pop in my first morsel.....annnnnnnnndddddd.....


Its the WORST.FRICKIN'.THING I've ever had classified as a "truffle" in my ENTIRE life. I've been a round the block a bit with confections (to say the least...you should see a picture of me before 2005...oy....) and I can honestly say I've had some of THE best and some of the absolute WORST candies EVER made. Including some creations of my very own. But this...unbelievably...takes the 1st place prize for SUCKY VON SUCKINESS of truffles.

I guess I falsely assume that ANYthing sold in the WFM is going to be absolutely fabulous...NO matter what. Because its in THEIR store...its gonna ROCK ya know? Not so...

Its gonna take me a while to get over this colossal disappointment. Truffles from the WFM are definitely NOT on my "gotta try that!" list anymore.

Soooo sad....

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