21 June, 2011


I want to take the time to apologize for my absence.  We recently moved from Oklahoma City, OK to Ontario, Canada.  This was no normal move...so many things happened along our way.  Finding out we were going to most likely lose a baby we JUST found out we were having, then actually losing the baby, not getting into our home right away; thus an overextended stay in a hotel (we're still in it...), emergency surgery because of my miscarriage and a series of failed medical intervention...  I of course have still been eating, but to say I haven't had the time to flog is an understatement.  Now on moderate bed rest, I may be able to get things back on track.  To my 6 followers, I appreciate you more than words can say.  Some would be greedy and want more.  But...more isn't always better.  I'm willing to bet I have the best 6 followers on the planet.  Thank you for your time and finding interest in my ramblings about food.  It means a great deal to me.  

I want you to look forward to the next 3 years that I am here in Ontario, so I will tell you that there are a BAJILLION places here that I am going to be trying out and I'm sure turning those dishes into organic meals in my own home.  When I do that I'll post those as well.  I'm so excited to try the African, Indian, Thai, Caribbean, French and Italian places here!  If NOTHING else makes me strive to heal...getting back to my love of eating and flogging will do it.  We all have to eat...why not love what you're shoveling in eh?  Right.  (Just flexing my new found "Canadian speak"...they say "right" and "eh" here a LOT!)

Happy eating...I hope you enjoy tasting Ontario as much as I think I will!


  1. Thanks for leaving a message on my blog :) I thought I'd do the same. I wanted to send you some virtual hugs. Keep the blog posts coming, even if they are not food related. The blog is about YOU. I'm following YOU, not the food you blog about. I've had two rough pregnancies and have been blessed with two sons, both of which who were born very premature and sick. Keep us posted on your journey.

  2. Thank you Amy...I sure will! =)