24 June, 2011

I've Had Better...

Driving up and down Hazeldean here in Kanata we pass a place a lot called Colonnade's Pizza.  Banners all over the place advertise that they serve breakfast 7 days a week.  We stopped in one morning for breakfast...not a lot of choices, but when I asked her what their BEST item was in 1 second she said "Eggs Benedict".  No lie.  It WAS the best breakfast I'd had since I'd been in town.  But they weren't on my list for breakfast, they were on my list for the top 10 of Kanata based on the offerings of their dinner menu.  So I never flogged about my perfectly poached, silky, rich Eggs Benedict.  We went back for dinner a couple nights later for the flogging visit.

Colonnade Pizza

The dinner menu is short for this place.  Before I delved too deeply into it I asked our waitress what their "signature" item is.  "Oh, pizza.  People love our pizza."  I looked at our choices and she saw me wince.  She let me know that we could choose two different kinds and have a half and half pizza.  Well...now THAT sounded great.  We went with half Mediterranean and half Meat Lovers for my Mister.  We ordered some chicken fingers for the Sprout and asked her to bring them out as soon as they were done.  We don't like the aftermath of our son waiting until the main course comes.  It never turns out well.  He already was having a hard time staying seated in the high chair.  It was gonna be a short night...

Plenty of Seating

 Specials Board

                                                                          Wall Art
Outside Accommodations

The place started filling up pretty quickly after our order went in.  The chicken fingers came out 15 minutes after.  Cut them up....the Sprout was happily occupied so he never noticed it took almost another half hour for our pizza to hit the table.  By the time it came I was ready to ask my Mister if we should just walk up and tell them to put it in a box to go when it was finally ready.  The Sprout was almost done with his chicken, he was gonna be a problem for the other guests if we hung out too much longer.  You can only corral a 17 month old for so long before they lose it.  

Half Mediterranean, Half Meat Lovers

Just based on visuals and smell...I was excited.  It didn't take long to realize my senses had betrayed me.  The sauce was nondescript tomato, no flavor other than that.  The veggies on the Mediterranean were the only thing good about it.  On the Meat Lovers side, the only thing noteworthy was the meat.  It was kinda hard to swallow, literally.  I've never had such a dry pizza crust on a thick crusted pizza.  I drank a TON of water while I was eating.  Until I ran out.  She never came to refill it until we asked for the check.  The cheese was just...heavy...it overpowered everything.  I've never had a pizza that made me think "I should have ordered a salad."  Never.  It tasted like something Polly Pocket, age 5 would make if handed all the ingredients to make a pizza of her own.  

If people go to Colonnade for their pizza, they need to get out more.  To this day the best pie I have had was at 3 Brothers in Wrightstown, NJ.  Fabulous pizza.  Unbelievable.  I'll never forget it.  I'm still waiting for someone to come close.  No one has.  If Colonnade is loved for their pizza...they are in trouble.  Their breakfast menu is short, but everything was cooked spot on...perhaps they need to switch to breakfast only and leave the pizza to the experts in New Jersey.  Eat here if you can handle the disappointment that comes along with a 30 dollar pizza that leaves you wanting "more".

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