28 June, 2011


Today was all about quick and yum.  We had a lot to do today before the Sprout's nap AND after, so I went through my "to eat" list and thought about where we'd be running errands.  (Quite frankly...living in a hotel for almost a month now is getting REALLY old.  It has its pluses and minuses...but mostly just the minuses.  The only plus is...technically I can't cook anything.  I COULD, but it would be in a microwave.  Blech...  So we're hitting a lot of restaurants...that's a plus...but only when they turn out to be worth it.  Such a hit and miss game.)  Luckily for us right across the street from the "super" Wal-Mart (there really isn't anything "super" about them...but when all you need is tape and there is no Target, you cave...) was Yorgo's Greek Food & Pizza.

They just recently relocated to Clyde Avenue, what a lucky happenstance!  When we walked in it was quickly clear that this wasn't meant to be an eat-in establishment.  That was fine with us today.  We just wanted to grab dinner and get back so we got the Sprout into bed on time.  Their menu was pretty large, but then, so far ALL of the Greek menus I have seen here in Ottawa are extensive.  But after my experience at Greek on Wheels when I ordered Shawarma "as is", I wasn't in the mood for not loving my food tonight.  I went in and ordered a 5 made out of lamb with rice for my choice of a side & a 48 of hummus and pita for the Sprout.  Then, just as always...the rest of the dinner crowd rolled in.  As I took pictures of the place I listened to what they were ordering...intently.


As I took pictures I heard a customer ask for a "Jye-row" and the staff repeated it back in the same mispronunciation...I started to seriously worry that I was about to be messed over again.  (I discovered AFTER we got to the park to eat that Greek on Wheels gave me donair (beef on a spit) when I asked them for lamb...donair is NOT lamb...never will be.  I realize people in Canada love donair, but I am not interested in E. coli...thanks..)  SO..I asked the guys in Yorgo's kitchen how many of them were actually Greek.  Just a couple of them were.  I told them I asked because they said "Year-oh" wrong.  They laughed and told me that they say it like that because the customer does and they know perfectly well the correct pronunciation.  Whew!  When someone doesn't know what to call their food, I worry.

After the clarification portion of the wait...the food was finally ready.  We headed back to the hotel and ate in their breakfast kitchen.

 Salad, Rice, Roasted Potato, Lamb in Pita & Tzatziki sauce

All the food was amazing!  The lamb meat was wonderful; lightly seasoned, tender & was REALLY lamb.  Such a fabulous difference from the last Greek I had.  The pita was soft but didn't break apart under the pressure of the filling.  I loved the rice as well.  It had peas and carrots and a hint of citrus in the background, distinctly orange.  The Sprout loved it as well.  There wasn't a single thing on my plate I didn't like or that I wouldn't order again.  Yorgo's hit the nail on the head and I have NO reservations saying it.

I did try some of the Sprout's food which was the Hummus & Pita.  It came with some pickled turnip and whole chickpeas on top for garnish (pickled turnip is used in Lebanese Shawarma wraps...I'm not a fan).


Note the smile on the last photo...he LOVED the hummus and pita!  I did as well.  It was creamy and the flavor was smooth.  The pita, again, was soft and coupled well with the hummus.  I carefully avoided the red areas on the top of the hummus where the pickled turnip had bled into the hummus.  I didn't want the bitter in my mouth ruining my moment of bliss.  Neither did the Sprout.  He saw the reddish purple color and avoided it himself...smart kid!

I am definitely going back to Yorgo's to try some more things on their menu.  Perhaps on a weekend we'll go by and pick up a pizza or something...but that lamb meat will be very hard to resist.  Trust me when I tell you that this place is a cut above the rest of the take out Greek places in Ottawa, there is something on the menu for everyone and the prices are JUST right.  I hope you enjoy your Yorgo's as much as my family did!

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