05 March, 2011

Comfort Food...

Yesterday was rough; then it started to sprinkle....that turned into torrential downpour.  When these events occur simultaneously there isn't much that can pull me out of the funk it puts me in.  The first thing I do is look for something that is going to make it "all better".  In MY particular case, that usually happens to be food.

On this particular evening....Indian food.

We were out looking for a place to eat; obviously nothing particular because we wouldn't have been "looking"...we'd have been eating.  After a while I realized we were pretty close to another place on the "top 10" list I had heard of here in Montgomery, Bombay MasalaWe made our way in, wet and ready for some good, old fashioned comfort food.

When my Mister and I are at home in Oklahoma we eat at a little Indian place nearly every other weekend.  So when I say "comfort food", I mean something that is familiar, connected to happy memories and leaves you feeling good when you swallow the last bite.  As soon as I looked around inside, I knew I'd found what I was craving.

Instructions on how to eat Indian food

When I scanned through that posting by the entrance I thought it was a WONDERFUL way to introduce someone to the flavors and textures of India in such a way that they wouldn't leave disappointed.  They take the time to school their patrons so their food matches their palate.  Very cool!

I couldn't resist walking around as soon as I got in.  I didn't even place my order beforehand.  Their walls were LOADED with beautiful wall art and decorated well.

Then there was a sucker in me that always loves a place with live music and comfy booth seating.  This was shaping up to be a leisurely, peaceful dining experience.

Stage for Music

Booth seating

Table Seating

Bar Seating

After all my wanderings and time talking with the owner, Hemant Patel, about their menu, it was time to order.  When I went back to our table there was an order of papad waiting.  I've really come to enjoy this.  Years ago, when I first tried it all I could think was "Where's the REAL bread?".  But now, I enjoy it as a palate cleaner and preparation for what wonderful flavors are about to come my way.

Papad w/ chutneys

I chose a dish the owner directed me towards.  Tikka Masala.  Traditionally served as a chicken dish; at Bombay Masala you have your choice of vegetarian, chicken, lamb, paneer, shrimp or fish.  I of course went lamb.  We ordered up vegetarian samosa, naan and onion kulcha again.  

Vegetable Samosa
Our samosa arrived first and it hit ALL the right places in my mouth...so savory; the peas were sweet and the batter was perfectly crisp on the outside.  It was a mouthful of contentment.  I ate mine so fast!  It was warm and spectacular.

When our entrees came out I was so excited for my first bite.  I could see the steam rising into the air conditioned room from the entree platters.  It smelled sweet and spicy...

Tikka Masala (Lamb)

Honestly, I've never tasted anything quite like it.  My Lamb Masala was a total symphony of spice, perfectly blended to make gorgeous flavors and undertones with the sweet of the tomato and the snap of the coriander softly blanketed by the smooth cream....I couldn't stop singing the praises of my dish to whomever happened by our table to ask "How is everything?".  SO fabulous!  

 Naan & Onion Kulcha

The naan was also very good.  I was surprised...usually it is just "so, so" for me.  But this naan was crispy on the bottom and ULTRA soft on the top.  It tore clean and wasn't doughy.  Our onion kulcha was a little different than I am used to.  Inside was TONS of RED onion.  I am not a fan of red onion, but my Mister is, so it was great for him.  I'm very simple with my onion kulcha...just a bit of green onion and sometimes a trace or more of cilantro and I am a happy lady. 

Bombay Masala has a wonderfully diverse menu, people who know what they are doing in the kitchen and food that tasted like MORE to this savvy foodie.  I would direct any friend that was looking for great Indian food to this place.  Also boasting an all you can eat lunch buffet for the low price of $8.99, ROSE flavored ice cream (yeah...that's right ROSE flavored!!) and TONS of non-alcoholic drink options; you can't go wrong with Bombay Masala!

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  1. The art work is stunning…unfortunately, I can't eat Indian food. Even the non spicy stuff tastes too spicy to me.

    ~Penelope (I love to write about beauty tips!)

  2. I have been to Bombay Masala quite a few times. It is one of the best I have eaten in many years in my travels all over. Courteous service and always helpful. I do strongly recommend this place for people who want to try Indian food for the first time as there is this mistaken word "spicy". I would rather have Patel explain to you what that means!!