25 March, 2011

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

It is our last week in Montgomery; in light of this I thought I'd let my Mister pick the last place we went for dinner.  He picked a place called Marchelle's Bistro.  He read a bunch of stuff off the Google search about the place and it sounded good to me.  It was rather warm out so a nice bistro sandwich sounded great to me.

Fast forward 15 minutes....

We park the Beast on Main Street near the sign and unloaded the Sprout and all the junk...the diaper bag, purse, camera, stroller.  I was READY!  We stroll up to the door and.....closed.  I mean...out of business closed.  Last time I let the Mister research eateries.  Moving on...

We looked across the street...Fountain City Grill....we walked further down the street...Uncle Mick's Cajun...  Hmmm....Cajun....we walked in.  There were a group of dudes up at the line eating samples.  Ooooh....samples!  Why not try before you buy, right?  That's pretty cool.

The first thing they gave me was something the guy behind the counter called Shrimp Curry.  It isn't on the menu, so I moved on in my head.  They handed me some Crawfish Etouffee and after that some Alligator & Sausage Piquante.  It all tasted fine.  But my mouth was stuck on the sample of Shrimp Curry.  It came with my choice of 2 side items...I checked out the menu to see what caught my eye.  I went with Dirty Rice and the Tomato Feta Salad.

While they were getting my order up I wandered around to check out the surroundings.  It was indeed reminiscent of what I remember from the last time I was down in Louisiana.  There was a variety of seating, air conditioning and great stuff to look at.

Couples Seating

Plenty of Seating

Chow Line

Wall Art

More art that caught my eye

My plate was up and ready in a very short time.  Everything looked great and I was starving.  I grabbed my ice water with lemon and headed to the table.  I was ready to dig in...

It was a surprise to see the garlic bread come with the meal, but I wasn't complaining.  I was hungry.  I went for the dirty rice first.  I had already tried the shrimp curry, so I KNEW I liked that.  My first bite of dirty rice surprised me a bit.  It was simply flavored, moist and meaty.  The rice was cooked just right and the meat was just lightly seasoned, so it didn't over power the light, nutty flavor of the rice.  The tomato and feta was good.  The tomatoes were ripe, but not overly ripe.  I am NOT a fan of mushy tomatoes.  The feta and the dressing that accompanied complimented it well.  I couldn't tell if this was bottled dressing or handmade.  The garlic bread was crispy and buttery with a light garlic flavor.  It was time to move onto my main event.  The shrimp curry...  It was fabulous.  It was just the right amount of spice, the vegetables were large and fresh and the shrimp wasn't rubbery.  The sauce was rich and creamy...finger licking quality!

What luck to find a cajun place...even BETTER is that Uncle Mick's really knows how to cook it!  If you're in the mood for some wonderful cajun head on up to Main Street in Prattville.  I guarantee they'll have somethin' great waiting for you.  I know I'll be heading back there for cajun the next time I am in Prattville.  Thanks for a great dinner Mick!

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  1. Sounds like a great little place, and I love the photos you took. That's neat that you could sample some of the dishes before ordering!

    Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day!