19 March, 2011

I'll Take Some Of That To Go Too!

Alright, every where I've looked on the internet one of the places mentioned as a "must eat" in Montgomery was Chris' Hot Dog.  The further I dug, the more interested in this place I become.  Rich with history in the area, Chris' has been a favorite for decades.  Even has its own day "Chris' Hot Dog Day" (May 1st) as designated by the Governor Riley of Alabama back in 2007.  Chris' has served the likes of FDR, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Hank Williams, and even a King....that's right Elvis Presley.  


Stories I have read about this place, dripping in nostalgia & love, repeat through my mind as my Mister and I made our way to this joint.

Very Old Menu

 Old Menu

Chris' Rules...Better Obey!

Since 1917, Chris' has evolved and grown into one of the most beloved places by native Montgomerians (yeah, that's a real word...trust me I used to be an English major) and weary travelers alike.  I had a feeling I was going to fall in love with this place.  But talk isn't everything....I had to try this food!

When we walked in and took a gander at the menu it was pretty clear they were going to stick to the basics and what they do best; dogs & burgers.  Over time they've started to offer combos and chicken, but since their birth its been ALL about the dogs.

The first thing I laid my eyes on when I came inside was the "belly up to the bar" area with stools and...THE grill.  The place where the magic is made.

At first glance I thought...where are we gonna put the Sprout?  Then I peered around the corner and found tons more seating...and high chairs.  SCORE!  

Couples Booths

Room for 4

Game Time! Extra seating in the game room as well.

A guy came to take our order, but I wanted to know which he really thought was my best bet...a dog or a burger.  He said "Either one really."  My Mister went first and went with a traditional Chris Dog...dog, 'stard, 'kraut, onions and Chris' "special sauce".  Because he went with the dog & fries, I figured I'd snag a bite of his later and I went with the burger and rings.

The burger was up in a SNAP!  E is pretty quick behind that grill!  I watched her when I was up and about taking pictures.  She cranks those orders out SO fast...I'll bet she'd win a dog slinging contest NO problem!

Chris Burger w/ 'stard, onion, cheese and Chris' special sauce

I took one bite and my mouth went bazerk!  As I told my friends...it was shameful how fast I laid into this thing.  All the while, using my finger to get the special sauce that was dripping on the plate.  It was THAT good.  I have grown up in a home with a momma that makes "sauces"; the recipes of which only SHE knows.  This sauce gave my momma's sauces a run for their money!  I am fairly certain I would have drank a glass of it if they served it with straws.  I couldn't get over this sauce!!  Furthermore, for only $2.15...yeah...read it again...$2.15 people....I was thinking on ordering ANOTHER burger.  

My rings passed the "chin test" NO problem...I let the waiter know.  I'm sure he didn't care, but this is a HUGE deal to me because I love eating rings...but I hate wearing them on my chin!

Everything was great...I'm telling everyone I know about this place.  And yeah...I bought some sauce to go too!  A pint for 5 bucks.  Gus tried telling me how long the sauce would last in the fridge and that it could be frozen, but I started to tune him out after a couple seconds.  Then I let the man know...the sauce wasn't going to make it that long in my house...I'd be devouring it forthwith, but thanks for the tip.

Yeah, the place isn't the Hilton when you walk in...I've read some comments on different websites about the place's appearance...but I am a food fanatic.  Ultimately, I'm about the taste of the stuff they serve up.  If I can't get past the way the place made me feel...I mention it.  But the look in Chris' lended itself to the reality that I was in a historic place, hallowed ground almost.  I mean a KING ate there!  I absolutely would go back again, and I'm pretty sure I will next week...grab a couple burgers and gorge myself silly.  Gus and the staff have a great thing going down there.  A place I think Chris would definitely eat at to this day if he were still with us. 

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